African Tribal Garment

Pleasant’s granddaughter modeling our clothing

Every year, around October 1st, we hold our National Economic-Political Summit. During this event we have a selections of our committees come in to discuss and provide solutions towards issues such as the LACK of jobs in America, poverty, police brutality, housing and more. In addition to this, our event holds a Fashion Show to showcase some of our clothing lines. 

We are proud to announce that IBE-BPAC has created a number of branches which are working together to open factories nationwide to create jobs. IBE-PAC is an organization that works toward building Economic and Political empowerment in America, but specifically in the Black community. We are in support of Black owned businesses and vow to solve the LACK of ownership in manufacturing.


Economic-Political Empowerment

Some of our current projects include graphic design, clothing design, creating calendars, business cards, and upholstery. So IBE-PAC would like to ask you to get involved! If you are interested in being a member of this organization we kindly ask that you offer a monthly deposit to our PayPal or U.S mail to 52 E. 110th Place, Chicago, IL 60628.

52 E. 110th Place Chicago, IL 60628

Phone: 773-577-9656
Email: ibebpac@gmail.com