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coporate Office

​52 E. 110th Place Chicago, IL 60628

Phone: +1.773-577-9656

Email: ibebpac@gmail.com

Welcome to IBE/B-PAC
and Infinity Head to Toe Textile Sewing Factory.

52 E. 110th place

Chicago, IL 60628

Check out IBE-BPAC at www.ibe-bpac.com or call 773-577-9656  

We are working and making history thanks to our members.

We are proud to announce that we have opened IBE/BPAC branches coast to coast. These branches are helping to create jobs and open factories. You can help us organize people to open our own future National Black own Credit Union and our own Solar Energy assembly plants nationwide. "HOW?" Nationwide people are joining IBE/BPAC with $25.00 per month or a one time full membership is $340.00; through Pay Pal and by U.S mail, at 52 E. 110th pl Chicago, IL 60628. We hosted our 5th National Economic Summit the 1st and 2nd of October 2016, We Demonstrated how solar renewable energy will save you money and work for you. We had our Fashion show to showcase some of our clothing lines. We have had discussion in our committee meetings and decided to ask you to get involve. Our Summit was about the LACK of jobs the causes of poverty, school closings No JUSTICE and High crime in our communities. We vowed to solve the LACK of ownership in manufacturing and come up with some solutions. We must own our own factories and Financial Institutions. These meetings are about us and how important it is for us to own our own factories, and create our own jobs. "Common sense" Folks are United and Educated about Economics and Politics we understand how our Collective vested memberships in IBE building factories, creating jobs, is how all of us will be getting paid. We open our first factory in Chicago, February 1, 2013.  We have several issues to discuss: #1 organize more like minded people.  #2 Open our own National Credit Union.  We need your help, Every Saturday night you are invited to join us at 8:00pm CST;our conference call # is

712-775-7200 pin 113866#.      

IBE/B-PAC Governors

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Greetings family,

Here's the blurb we were speaking of:

IBE/BPAC and FORTY MILE FAMILY are merging together to build credit unions, factories, and businesses all over the country. NOW is the time, family! Get in and get involved!