How It All Started

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Our mission is to build our own nationwide financial institution and to build industries of all kinds. We intend to create jobs to where all of us, who are willing to participate, will have invested interest in a capitalistic system.


Mission Statement

Your one time payment fee to join our organization is $340.00 or pay a monthly fee of $25.00 for 1 year.

This investment is non-refundable 

Founded by Mr. Pleasant Stephens: In the wake of the death of his 2nd oldest son, Prescott Stephens. The cause of death was due to unsafe working conditions. Prescott and his unnamed co-worker died in May of 1991 of cancer years later from cleaning out transport tanker that was hauling a deadly chemical.  Mr. Prescott was only 26 yrs. old at the time of his passing. After this tragic incident, Mr. Stephens senior had taken a sample of the deadly poison chemical to OSHA in 1988 when this accident first occurred. OSHA did nothing about the accident and claimed to have lost their sample. This was a wake up call for Mr. Stephens and because of this, Mr. Stephens knew then, there was no help coming for black folks. Mr. Stephens said, "OK, I must do something now. I know how to fix this mess.”  He started on this journey in June of 1991.                                                                                                                             

The first thing Mr. Stephens did was research the capitalistic system and wrote out his mission, his reason and purpose of this organization. He then turned to his family for support. He  organized and recruited some of them; along with other like-minded people that listened to him and cared about poverty and injustice in America to be co-founders and royalty members of this great organization, IBE/B-PAC.

Now INFINITY is helping people worldwide to own properties, build industries, own our own financial institutions, Farms and factories, that black folks own and control.  We are working in our own safe communities and environments

You can join IBE/B-PAC and create your own safe working environment and conditions and not be worried about being bought, traded, sold, laid off, fired, or worst yet enslaved. Or you can keep doing what you are doing and keep getting the same results or worse. That is not normal! That’s called being brainwashed, or insane, while they are still trading, buying and selling people in one form or the other, everyday. The rest is 400 years of history and counting, you do the math and research, you tell me what your research uncovered and what you have found.                                                                                                                                            Are you tired of begging? Begging is obsolete; it’s over. This letter was written to attract the conscious minds of those who are tired of being dependent.  This letter is the opposite of the one Willie Lynch wrote over 300 years ago and it's still in effect today. It's time for change

Question!! Do you know how much you are worth; how about one of your children.  The present

system, they don’t care what you are worth.